Course Layout

Royal Port Moresby Golf Club - 18 hole championship design.

Hole by Hole Description

Hole 1


This hole hinges on an accurate drive. Avoid the trees to the left off the tee and the water on the eagle is not out of the equation for professionals!

Par: 5 | Length: 511

Hole 1


Relatively straight forward hole. The fairway falls away to the right of the green and this represents the only danger.

Par: 3 | Length: 164

Hole 1


A short downhill par 4 that will have the pros licking their lips in expectation on the tee. Reachable in one if bold enough and the approach shot must be hit with care as the green can be deceptively difficult to hold depending on the pin placement.

Par: 4 | Length: 339

Hole 1


An accurate tee shot up and over the rise will set up a straight forward approach and a birdie opportunity.

Par: 4 | Length: 349

Hole 1


A long and challenging par 3.A wide but narrow green will not provide the golfer with a large margin for error. Most will walk off, happy with a par.

Par: 3 | Length: 166

Hole 1


A late dogleg to the left demands a drive middle to right side of the fairway. The two-tiered green will demand a courageous approach shot when the tee is placed on the upper level .

Par: 4 | Length: 313

Hole 1


A well-placed drive over the trees to the right will eliminate the dogleg and reward the ambitious with a straight forward approach shot. The safer option down the centre requires a long and demanding approach to a green protected by tress on the left hand side.

Par: 4 | Length: 365

Hole 1


Known as the “Erima Road” hole, the errant drive to the left will provide the opportunity to meet the locals and negotiate the return of one’s ball – for a reasonable sum – and pickup a few tips on peanut farming for free. Otherwise, an accurate drive will provide an excellent birdie opportunity.

Par: 5 | Length: 502

Hole 1


An interesting par 5 and easy birdie opportunity. The green extends to the right but is protected by water and large trees – spectators always look forward to seeing interesting golf on this hole.

Par: 5 | Length: 467

Hole 1


The Green is nestled up against the water has added a new dimension to the 10th. An accurate drive down the left side of the fairway will reward but the approach shot will demand a steady nerve as any errant shots will be severely punished.

Par: 4 | Length: 393

Hole 1


This wide fairway demands the golfer open the shoulders and go for distance. Not too many dangers and an excellent birdie opportunity provided the drive doesn’t deviate to the right.

Par: 4 | Length: 357

Hole 1


Expect a large and interested gallery wandering past from the Erima settlement. Otherwise a relatively straightforward par 3 and a distinct birdie opportunity.

Par: 3 | Length: 146

Hole 1


A long par 4 with Parliament Haus and Independence Hill on the right where the giant PNG flag shows the wind direction. Requires an accurate drive to exit the tee to the right to set up a longish approach to a small unprotected green.

Par: 4 | Length: 417

Hole 1


A dogleg to the right should not present difficulties as the fairway is wide. A short and accurate approach shot to the narrow green provides the opportunity for a confidence boosting birdie before tackling the treacherous “Amen Corner” where championships are won and lost….

Par: 4 | Length: 400

Hole 1


Planting of trees on the right of the fairway has given this hole more shape and curves. Coupled with the left hand slope, this hole will require a thoughtful approach. An accurate drive is all important but the approach shot that misses the green to the left will pay a hefty price!

Par: 5 | Length: 508

Hole 1


A relatively short hole, but none the less extremely tricky. Teeing overwater into a narrow fairway with water hugging both sides of the fairway. Then a small approach over a water again into a nicely tucked away pin with water behind, in front and to the left of the hole. Mind your step.. you might catch a glimpse of the local resident crocodile.

Par: 4 | Length: 318

Hole 1


An interesting hole with a dogleg to the right. The green is protected by a lake directly in front and tall vegetation to the right. Which ever route is taken the large crowd along the 17th fairway should see some fabulous golf over the weekend.

Par: 4 | Length: 391

Hole 1


The South Pacific Export 18th has been transformed over the last couple of years. Large swales demand accurate putting!

Par: 3 | Length: 160