Upcoming Events - 2021 ELA MOTORS CLUB Championships

When: 18 Sep 2021
Event Type: Stroke
Fee: K 120 for 4 rounds






Round 3&4 will be seeded
          Top 4 for each Grade in Ladies Division
          Top 8 for each Grade in Men's Division

Please note:
Senior Division ( Round 1,2 & 3 Best Aggregate Gross Scores) 
Veterans Division ( Round 1&2 Best Aggregate Gross Scores)

Conditions of Play


The ELA MOTORS Club Championships will be played over four rounds on the 20th and 21st , 27th and 28th of March 2021 at the Royal Port Moresby Golf Club.  Daily events will be conducted and prizes (Nett) shall be awarded for both Men and Women.

  • This is a 4-day stoke event.
  • A maximum field of 180 starters is anticipated. The Match Committee may allocate places at their discretion. A draw will be in place on the final 2 rounds based on top 8 for each grade or change under the discretion of the Match Committee where it see fit.
  • Ties in all nett events will be decided by count-back, ties for the overall 72-hole event for both Ladies and Men will be determined by a sudden death play-off over 18th hole continuously until a winner is determined. If light prevents a conclusion, joint winners may be declared.
  • COST: The fee applicable to play in this competition will be K 30 per day. 
  • Grades and Divisions

Men’s A grade is up to 12.4

Men’s B Grade is 12.5 to 19.4

Men’s C grade is 19.5 to 36

Ladies Division 1 is up to 18.4

Ladies Division 2 is 18.5 to 45

  • Men & Ladies Seniors Division, players between age of 50 and 60 at the commencement of the tournament over 54 holes (days 1, 2, & 3 to be used).
  • Men & Ladies Veterans Division, players age of 61 & above at the commencement of the tournament over 36 holes (days 1 &  2 to be used).

Seniors and Veterans can be combined if the number of players does not reach minimum requirement to run the competition.

  • All players are required to report to the starter twenty (20) minutes before their scheduled hit-off time for each round of golf – failure to do so will result in a two shot penalty.  In accordance with Rule 6-3(a) TIME OF STARTING: if, in the absence of circumstances which warrants waiving the penalty of DISQUALIFICATION as provided in Rule 33-7, the player arrives AT HIS/HER STARTING POINT, READY TO PLAY WITHIN 5-MINUTES AFTER HIS/HER STARTING TIME, the penalty is TWO (2) strokes at the first hole.  The Tournament Committee reserves the right to modify a penalty under exceptional cases if the cases as presented are deemed extenuating by the Committee.  Where applicable, the Starter’s findings will be taken into consideration by the Tournament Committee.
  • Play will be in accordance with the Rules of Golf as approved by R&A Rules Ltd of St Andrews and in accordance with the RPMGC Conditions of Competition and Local Rules and the local rules as approved by the RPMGC Director of Tournaments.


NON-MEMBERS who wish to play can play if there are available spots BUT will not be in the competition.

RPMGC Match Committee

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